Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Scholarship for the LL.M in International & Comparative Disability Law Announced

The Centre for Disability Law & Policy at NUI Galway will fund a scholarship for the LL.M. in International and Comparative Disability Law and Policy in NUI Galway. The scholarship will be awarded on basis of a competition open to all applicants (the recipient of the scholarship will be awarded the tuition for the programme). To be eligible to enter for the CDLP scholarship, candidates must first apply for the LL.M in International and Comparative Disability Law and Policy. Only candidates who are offered a place on this programme will be considered for the scholarship. Candidates who have been offered a place subject to degree results are also eligible to apply. Applications for the LL.M. are made online at: www.pac.ie. The deadline for receipt of applications is 5 pm, on Sunday July 31st, 2011. Applications should be sent to llmdisability@nuigalway.ie. Full information is available here.